Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review Tot Tutors Primary Colors Large Storage Bins Set of 4 Good but...

A few days before. I'm looking for information on the Tot Tutors Primary Colors Large Storage Bins Set of 4, so i would like to describe here.

Tot Tutors Primary Colors Large Storage

These colorful multi-function large storage bins from Tot Tutors will look great in your child's room and are the perfect way to teach your child how to get organized and stay organized.. Read more or Check Price

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Comments from other users

I just wanted to advise buyers that these are in fact the bins EXTRA LARGE not great as advertised. Otherwise they are great . by millefleur

These are nice but as mentioned in another review when I received were all stuck together. I had my handyman try to separate them. We both tried pulling at each end. by HaRebecca

These are great storage boxes but it was really hard to get them apart. They came with all four of them nested one inside the other and it took a lot of effort to get them ... by M. J. Hartman

I use these all the time. Some for storing objects in the closet and the other for the transport of different elements from a part of the house to another . by myrev


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